Saturday, November 8

Long Running Conversation with NHibernate

I am implementing a Windows Application which use WPF for presentation layer and NHibernate for O/R mapping. Off course I'm diving the application for MVC or more accurately Model/View/ViewModel due to the use of WPF.
I have been reding the book "NHibernate In Action" to try and learn how to use NHibernate in a good practice sort of way.
I have fail to find good documentation which explain how to use NHibernate in Windows Application, and more specifically how to create a separation  to layers including NHibernate (how NHibernate incorporate to MVC design pattern).

So, I've ask that question in the forum of the book and got an answer.
You are welcome to read the thread and I'll keep on update here as I'll implement the solution.

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