Saturday, June 30

This is not Metro

Microsoft promote the Metro Style Application. Some love it some hate it.
Few days ago I've install Visual Studio 2012 RC. The installer was redesigned to have a Metro style. It was black chrome-less window and everything inside it was nicely aligned and slick.

When Visual Studio 2012 RC actually started it was not what I though it will be.
The first thing I did was to create a new project. A new window for selecting the project type came up. That's not Metro, it's the same old thing, only in black.

I try to open a project and again a window pop up, not so much Metro in there either. Also during the loading of a project the same old "loading" window popup, not Metro again.

I went into the options, hope to see some new and exciting Metro there, but that was again the same old Options window, only in black.

All the dock panels were change to be blackish and it's pretty hard to figure out where to grab them.

I think Microsoft fail in this specific try of making Visual Studio a Metro Style application. The reason is that Visual Studio is simply not the right application to try and make Metro.
As far as I can tell Metro is much more a consuming metaphor than a producer metaphor.
All the developers are going to see Visual Studio 2012 for the first time and think this is what Microsoft ment when they said "Metro"?

I think someone on Microsoft went a little to far with this Metro style.

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