Saturday, October 20

EmberJS with TypeScript


I was excited to hear about Microsoft new language TypeScript, which is a superset of JavaScript with some added functionality.

The reason I was excited is because I needed to write JavaScript library for graph calculation.
I've never write much code in JavaScript, it usually involve DOM manipulation.
This time is was both a library and a small but decent application to show both the graph and the calculated data.

EmberJS and TypeScript

After some search and play around with different JavaScript libraries I decide to use EmberJS.
EmberJS is already build with "object oriented" in mind (inheritance from SproutCore) so TypeScript look like a good fit.

Declaration File

All I need to do it create TypeScript Declaration File (d.ts) for EmberJS API which is exactly what I'm doing right now.

Currently I've just create a small prof-of-concept application.


I'm going to add more into the declaration file, maybe even create some automated script to take EmberJS source code and produce the declaration file automatiically.

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