Tuesday, December 25

Windows 8 Translation Bug

We start to migrate our office computers to Windows 8.
I usually use the English UI but a co-worker prefer to use Hebrew.
When I try to turn-off his computer I open the charms bar, click on the Settings charm, which is הגדרות in Hebrew, search for the Power button and to my surprise it had the label צריכת חשמל which is Power Management and not the label I expect to find which is כיבוי.

Apparently the translator who saw the word Power in English immediately thought of Power Management and not Power as in turn-off the power.

Similar story I once heard happen to HP, when someone translate the word No into מספר which is Number. The result was a dialog message with to buttons כן and מספר which is Yes and Number instead of Yes and No :)

It's all about the context.

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