Wednesday, January 24

Migrating from Maven to Gradle

I've started to work on a large project, few years old, about 100 developers and millions of lines of code. The project is a web application deployed both to difference clouds and on-prem. Everything is built with Maven and take, IMHO, way to much time to build.

After a few month of working with it, we've decided to migrate the project from Maven to Gradle. It was actually easier than I thought to convince stack holders to do it, but it still takes longer than I thought it will take.

I'll post problems we've run into and how we solved them, I think it can help others who decide to migrate from Maven to Gradle.

Here are some of the things we had to deal with:

  • Migrating Java libraries
  • Migrating Maven Plugins
  • Building war projects
  • Doing war overlay
  • Building docker images
  • Building RPM files
  • Run Webpack and grunt
  • Run unit tests and integration tests
  • Migrate or adjust the CI process for Gradle
  • Migrate maven-assembly-plugin

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