Saturday, October 28

Book Report: Application = Code + Markup by Charles Petzold

Another great book by Charles Petzold - Application = Code + Markup.

I have pre-order this book from Amazon about a month ago. I decide it better to learn from the experience of someone like Petzold and not try to learn all about WPF from the Internet.

The book is great, every paragraph teach you something new. He progress slowly but surely and address all the question you might have about almost every aspect of WPF.

Before reading that book I know WPF is awesome from the videos and screen-shoots I saw. After reading the book I am amazed from the work Microsoft had put into Windows Presentation Foundation.

This book can get you up-and-running with WPF in two weeks. That what it took me. Two weeks or reading and playing with WPF and I am now feel like I'm ready to develope great looking applications.

I really recommend this book to anyone how like to learn WPF in the right way.

Thank you Charles Petzold,

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