Saturday, October 28

Gantt - The current project

As a starter for my blog I am going to share with you my up-coming task of architect and develope a gantt system using C#, .NET 2.0, WCF and hopefully WPF. I am a team-member and there are other great people working on this task.


Gantt is a way to communicate progress of task between managers and workers.
The system will be much like Microsoft Project. The reason we are not going to use Microsoft Project is because our business model is much different and we have a lot of security issues like permissions to see activity, permission to report activity times and so on.

The Architecture

We are using a 3-tier architecture to develope our application. It means we have a database, middle-tier and presentation layer. We prefer to do most of the calculations in the middle-tier and send to the client a clean read-to-use objects (or tables).
On the client we get the object model and we present it to the client, allowing it to examine it and to act on it.
Our previous version of this application was written in C++ and use GDI for drawing. This off course lead to pretty dull interface in which alpha-blend is the most exiting feature.
In this version of the application I hope we will use WPF because it suppose to make our life much easier. As someone said, the same way .NET make memory management "Managed" WPF will make graphics "Managed". It means we will create the seine which needs to be display and the WPF engine will display it, no OnPaint and WM_PAINT any more.

To be continued...

As the project will progress I will keep posting with news.

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