Monday, January 11


Finally I took the time to arrange and upload my TimelineControl to CodePlex.
The TimelineControl is 100% C# managed code WPF control for visualization of data on a timeline.
It separate behavior from visual aspect, like any other WPF control using Attached Properties to connect your data model properties to properties require by TimelineControl and it inner working classes.
It has support for different arrangement of items, currently there is Gantt items panel and Compact items panel.
It also support connection between data items you visualize so for example you can display dependencies between tasks.

Any suggestions or comments are very welcome.
I hope it will be useful for others.


  1. hey there,

    first of all, thanks for the timeline control and treelistview control. they look exactly like the things i need to use :)

    unfortunately, i'm in a bit trouble to understand exactly how they work.
    i have a lot of experience in .net, but i'm just starting out with wpf, so there may be some things concept-wise i don't quite grasp atm. for example, i'm trying to figure out how the display of columns in the treelistview works, but with your examples i'm a bit stuck and cannot figure out how the binding is done ... maybe you could lend me a helping hand ? ;)




  2. Thanks for the greate upload! :-)