Monday, February 22

My Shot at Migrating svn to git

Hi there,
I've decide to migrate my source code repository from svn to git (both are still hosted at assembla).

After playing with git for some time in my Mac and experimenting it little less in Windows in both NetBeans 6.8 using NBGit and Visual Studio 2008 using GitExtensions.

I'm storing both J2EE application and C# WPF application under a single directory because they are tied together so I want a single git repository and work in both NetBeans and Visual Studio at the same time.

The NBGit is very young and does not have much features although it does the trick of commit changed files and show history.
GitExtensions on the other hand if full of commands, visual history of the repository, diff and more. The only thing it still lack is tighter integration with Visual Studio like display the status of files in the solution explorer and Pending Checkin (or Status) window which is part of Visual Studio. But it's more than enough to work and have fun with.

I've decide not to import my svn repository into git although it is possible. I though that it's time to clean the place and start fresh.

git has the promise of easy and fast branch and marge - without the need for internet connection.

Only time will tell if it was a wise decision.

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